Inpro/Seal Company

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 The Inpro/Seal Company ...was established in 1965 as Inpro, Inc., a Worthington and Viking Pump Distributor. Even then, President and CEO David C. Orlowski understood that the sealing capabilities of rubber lip seals were grossly inadequate. In 1976, Orlowski was given the opportunity to initiate an ambitious program. He had recently begun to experiment with labyrinth seals, and when Grain Processing in Muscatine, IA called seeking an answer to the extensive water contamination plaguing their pump bearings, Inpro retrofitted their pumps with newly developed Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolators. Those very first isolators lasted 20 years of 24/7 service and were only taken out due to the fact that the pumps they protected had worn out.

Over the past 40 years, the Inpro/Seal Company has dedicated itself to constant improvement and refinement of its products and practices. The headquarters, located in Rock Island, IL, houses a Research and Experimentation Lab, where isolators are perfected, competitors' products are evaluated and new Inpro/Seal products are developed.

Inpro/Seals are standard equipment on most industrial process and heavy duty slurry pumps in the U.S. and abroad. The list includes ANSI, ISO, and API designs. The Inpro/Seal is also standard equipment on IEEE-841 motors manufactured by Baldor, General Electric, Lincoln Electric, Marathon, Reliance Electric, Siemens, Toshiba and US Motors-Emerson, all of the major motor manufacturers in the United States, Taiwan, Korea, Canada, and Mexico.

The Inpro/Seal Company consists of over 100 employees: 80 are here at the main facility in Rock Island, while the remaining 20 are Regional Managers operating from various locations in the US and around the world. Further, each of the Regional Managers are responsible for recruiting and managing their own distributor network. In all, there are over 125 Inpro/Seal Distributors and Independent Representatives operating today.

At the headquarters, Inpro/Seal supports the sales force with exceptional customer service. Each of our Regional Managers are backed by a trained and dedicated Customer Service Representative, all of whom work closely with our seasoned Engineering Department to deliver the superior quality for which Inpro has become known. Research, Experimentation, Advertising and Marketing are all done in-house, so that our Bearing Isolation products and supporting materials are on the cutting edge.

The Engineering Department at Inpro/Seal Company employs AutoCAD and SolidWorks software to design Isolators specific to a customer's needs. Our print database contains over 40,000 Bearing Isolator designs, ranging in size from 5/8" to 56". Therefore, since equipment specs vary and every industrial situation is different, it is not a problem for our engineers to design custom Bearing Isolators.

Inpro/Seal Company's manufacturing facility is equipped with 21 CNC lathes, 2 CNC mills, and 10 manual engine lathes. 98% of the Bearing Isolators manufactured at Inpro are made from bronze; the rest consist of stainless steel, aluminum, titanium or plastic. Over 2,500,000 Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolators have been installed in rotating equipment throughout the world. Through productivity refinements and the fact that Inpro utilizes 2 shifts, 6 days a week, we are currently turning out at a rate of 400,000 Bearing Isolators per year.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction, as evidenced by our Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee and our policy of "Same Day Shipments" , ensures that we will continue to meet the considerable demand for permanent, reliable and timely bearing protection for industries worldwide.